Roadside Jump Starts and Battery Charging Services

Roadside Jump Starts and Battery Charging Services

Like most vehicles problems, no one plans on having a dead battery. But don’t if you aren’t prepared because at Blue Diamond Towing of North Parker we’re always prepared and always here to help.

In some cases, you may even be prepared with your own jumper cables but your car is in a hard to reach place like a parking garage or other area. We’ve got jump boxes and batteries that we can connect to that allow us to reach any battery in any location.

Colder weather can make dying batteries dead. This means that your battery could work fine all summer but come the first fall freeze you might find that your ride won’t start.

Not Sure If You’re Battery Is Dead?

Dead batteries and other problems can often get mixed up. Here a few things to look for when figuring out if your battery is dead:
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  • Is it cold? Like we already mentioned, cold weather kills batteries. If it’s the first freeze of the season and your car stops there’s a good chance its’ your battery.
  • Is your battery old? If you haven’t changed your battery in the last 2.5 years or so there’s a good chance it’s wearing out and may have finally worn out.
  • Are you light on? If your automatic lights and alarms aren’t working then you almost certainly have a dead battery.  

Still not sure? Don’t worry, just give Blue Diamond Towing of North Parker a call. If you think you have a battery problem we will start there. If that doesn’t work, don’t worry we brought a 50 ton wrecker.