Heavy Duty Winch Out Service

Heavy Duty Towing
Winch Out Service

Vehicles get stuck for all kinds of reasons. But the most commons problem is snow. It can send you into a snowbank or just stop you right on the road.

Either way, Blue Diamond Towing of North Parker has got you covered. When you call, please give our dispatch team as much information as possible about how you got stuck and the lay of the land. The success of a winch out often depends on making sure all of the right equipment is available. The more our tow truck drivers know, the better prepared they will be.

Here are the most important things for Blue Diamond Towing to know before we make our way to you:

  • Give us a rough idea of how you got stuck in the first place. This will help us understand a little more about the surrounding area and terrain.
  • How far is your vehicle from the road? After all, our goal is to get your vehicle back to the road and different distances require different equipment. But most of all, we need to make sure we have enough cable to reach your ride.
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  • Are there any objects or obstacles that might make running a cable to your vehicle tough? These could be anything but the most common objects we work around are trees and street lamps.

We have the equipment and a plan to handle just about every single type of winch out situation you can think of. We just need to have all the information so we can bring all the right equipment.

Blue Diamond Towing Service has been providing winch out services and just about every type of roadside assistance to Colorado residents for more than 20 years. If you’re stuck, you can trust Blue Diamond Towing to get you unstuck.